Sunday, November 16, 2014

I love the mission and I am grateful that I decided to go

Dear Family,

Well this week was yet another week of miracles. it's a little overwhelming and there really aren't words to explain how grateful you get for them. We had another baptism that wasn't planned.  We just went in there asked if she wanted to get baptized because she had gone to church more than once and she said yes. She is a young smart girl named Danlia. and her father and mother and sister will be getting baptized this change as well.

This week I have personally been seeing the power of the atonement and the real desire that everyone has to change. We have been talking to a lot of investigators and they have all made mistakes in the past but they all want to be cleaned and have a fresh start and it has been a privilege to help and teach them how to do it and where to point their focus to. But I think really the best part for me in a mission is really getting to see people change and be cleansed from their past and it is incredible to get to see and have that  experience  for yourself. and I love the quote that dad shared about how that God won't look at or ability but for at availability then at our dependability and later he will increase our capability and I have found that to be completely true in the mission.

This month we have put as a goal to baptize as a mission 400 for the month of November but right now as it is we are very low for this number and the assistants come and start to try and encourage everybody to have faith and not doubt and that this is revelation from God given to our president and I feel that we can complete the goal but that every missionary has to follow those four steps of availability dependability and then he will increase or capacity and I have seen when we first show the Lord that we are ready for anything and then show that we are doing everything we can that is when he will increase us so that we can complete his purpose. so please pray for us that we can complete this goal and see this miracle.  
I love the mission and I am grateful that I decided to go.


Elder Toma

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