Sunday, November 9, 2014

God wants to bless us

Dear Family!!
This week has been awesome week I received my kid his name is Elder Bell he is from Orem Utah. He is a really great missionary and is going to make a amazing one it really is a honor to train especially in this mission.

 But we also saw more miracles we had a baptism!!!! Which we didn't even plan for we were just working and I got the impression that we should visit a investigator that had been talking to the missionaries for over a year!! and she had been waiting so long to get baptized because the other missionaries wanted that she could get married to the man of here children. but the problem is that she is from Salvador and doesn't have her papers so its super complicated to get them. But not only that I began to talk to her and really ask her what she wanted and she told me she wanted to get baptized and then I asked her if she really wanted to get married to this guy and she said no not at all and turned out that he wasn't even living there anymore and they hadn't been a intimate couple for over 14 years so I called the elders and they gave permission and she was baptized that Sunday and we had a miracle baptism.

I am beginning to see that God wants to bless us we just have to go to him and put our trust in him and make covenants with him in our prayers every night and that is the difference between and normal prayer and a fervent pray or a powerful one like it says in the scriptures I love the example of this in Enos 1:2-5 and How first he had the desire in his heart to know the mysteries of God  and second he began to pour out his souls and speak with him and listen and make covenants with him based upon the promptings of the Spirit and more importantly he lived and kept his covenants and desired for more when he finally received answers and blessing that were in his heart.
Elder Toma and Elder Bell
and that we should always follow these 5 steps so that we have powerful prayers not just normal ones were we talking and then just go to bed or get up and do the normal day routine.
that we need to follow these five steps every time

4. Make convents
5. Live them
and that's how you progress get to know your father and receive blessing and miracles. 

And I know that it works because I do it every single day and have witnessed the difference.
But there is also knew that our mission is doing we have 4 assistants know 2 that are normal and 2 that only travel around the mission to teach and help missionaries to complete their purpose better and we have the chance to work with them and one of them is my trainer elder osegura so I went and did divisions with him and that was really really fun to be able to work with him again probably for the last time because he finishes in December. But the mission is just getting crazier and crazier as President is changing more things but it's cool to see the difference.

But I love you all

Elder Toma

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