Sunday, October 26, 2014

Please pray for them. . .

Dear family!! 

Well like the title says we are just seeing a ton of miracles here we are having sky rocket numbers!!

We are working with the members EVERDAY we had over 41 lessons just with members!!
And we were blessed to have over 13 come to church so that's 13 baptisms me and my companion are hoping to have over 10 baptism by the end of October and 2 of them are families which is just the best. were I am at is very close to Villa Nueva and Villa Hermosa. and it is a very new area because the ward was split like 3 months ago so its brand new.

We also had interviews with President which are always the best and he told me in just three words why he pulled me out of Santiago WE NEED YOU haha and nothing more. But I have found that the church is only run on by revelation and nothing more without it we could do NOTHING.

All I ever think about anymore is the mission the mission and the mission and work work and work  I don't even remember the things I learned in school anymore haha.

But everything is going great here a cool story that happened is that we had planned last week a wedding and baptism but the problem is that the girl is under age needs permission and its super complicated because she is legally under the name of her aunt not her mother so the aunt has to sign and giver copies of documents but she is CRAZY and doesn't want to!! Was super frustrating I still don't get people sometimes. And they can't do it right now until she turns 18 but.. We found one of their cousins one day and my companion thought that he was a member until we asked him and he said that he wasn't!! And he has come to church every Sunday and knows everything so we are going to bath him next week haha. And we have a family that all are members except their daughter because she has to be married and now the husband wants to get married and she will be baptized this week Wahoo another baptism!!!

So the names of the people that will be getting baptized this week are
and Melisa
and the next week
David Fernando

please pray for every single one of them so that they can be baptized and confirmed
But I hope everything is all is good with you guys

Love you see you next week.

Elder Toma

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