Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 3 October 6, 2013

Well I've already lost 15 pounds here ha ha and they feed us pretty well too. But the CCM has been very good.  It's crazy that we only have two weeks left.  Time flies here!

CCM September 2013 Sisters
It's funny how when you're on a mission you become obsessed with things you didn't care as much for at home. All of us were so excited for General Conference.  My favorite talk definitely had to be President Uchdorf's  second talk. I also enjoyed Elder Holland's talk.  He's my favorite. When one of the seventy talked about Guatemala we all cheered haha. Tell Kinze to email me.  I would like to hear from her.

CCM September 2013 Elders
I made a meta(goal) that I would speak only in Spanish from now on so it's getting harder to write and talk in English haha.  The gift of tongues is a real thing and excuse my spelling. It's hard to spell now too. I've been having a lot of personal revelation and answers to prayers that I have never experienced before. We get to go to the Temple every Tuesday and I really enjoy it. We got to go to Walmart last week for a field trip.  It's sad how excited we were for that but it was good. It's weird how we feel like we're in a bubble somehow especially when we go on travels like that and escape that bubble I can't wait to get out there and have a adventure in my mission.

CCM District September 2013
Me and my companion crush everyone else at basketball  and all the new people come and try and challenge us.  We're still undefeated (it's the only game people play here, that or soccer)
Haha for some reason everyone decided to have arm wrestling competition and there are big Tongans an Samoans here. Somehow, in spite of me losing muscle and weight I'm the current champion of arm wrestling with right and left arms. Everything is good just keeping trying to push forward and get better I can't wait to hear from you again tell me how the Broncos and Ravens are doing and our Country.

I prefer both emails and letters, so what is ever more convenient for everyone else.   I do like letters though. And with that you don't need to put Jesus pictures on the letters.  All they have to do is write Elder Toma on it and people know not to mess with it. And The Dear Elder works by going on a  Find my mission and write the letter.  They then print it off and give it to me. Feel free also to send me pictures of everything. I would like to see what's going on and what everything looks like and funny things to get a laugh. I'll try to send pictures when I get my camera back and am out there. 

Things are going well but the whole roller coaster thing is no joke.   It seems to be like that for everyone and you doubt yourself a lot especially when it comes to having to teach in a different language and you want to say something but you can't because you don't know how to.  It's frustrating.  And always wanting to feel the Spirit very strong but having to realize that's not how it is;  but wanting it anyways

I'm not very nostalgico (homesick) but I do miss everyone and things so tell people to send photos and care packages! Can't wait to hear from you all


Elder Toma

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