Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another day, another adventure

Dear Family, 

How are you all it sounds like you all had a fun time in DC I can barely remember Dc now ha-ha I cant even imagine how big it is and I  remember it’s not the biggest city in the world but a lot bigger than any city here ha-ha. 

This week has been great we have been finding a lot of people that are ready and willing I get amazed every day in the people that God just puts in your path and they have just been waiting for you just to talk to them. I have always pondered on the reasons I am with the companion that I have or why  am I in this area why certain things didn’t happen like they were planned why is it that I have to go through this at this moment even if I was doing what I was supposed lots of things (someday I’ll tell you all of them) But I have never doubted where I have gone or where I have been has been a mistake I know I am where I am supposed to be even if it isn’t what I was hoping for or what others told me was going to happen. I’ve helped a lot of people and sometimes it has been for my companion but recently it has been for the missionaries that I am watching out for. 

Today I had an experience with an elder in my zone we had our zone training today and we talked about how to teach by the spirt how to work by him what we need to do to be worthy to feel it and be guided by him and everything to do with that. 

Well it turned out to be very powerful and everyone felt and learned a lot. Except for this one elder...he asked to talk with me and I talked to him and  with my companion  and his and he just started to go off not in a yelling very rude manner but he started to try to blame you can say us because he claimed that he didn’t feel the spirit at all especially when I was talking and he wanted that I asked him for forgiveness for not feeling the spirt (because he claimed that is humility) I looked at him not mad but incredibly sad I could understand more how Jesus felt even when he taught people accused him to be of the devil and that they felt nothing...I looked at him and simply said Elder I’m sorry that you lost this great chance to learn but you need to understand something it isn’t my fault that you didn’t feel the spirt it’s your own there is nothing I can do to make you feel the spirt I can invite him to take part in the lesson but for you to feel him you got to let him in. Well he didn’t like that and he began saying I wanted to learn I wanted to feel the spirit but I didn’t. It came to the point I began to see his problem he believed that through words and from who it comes from it can make them feel the spirt and that the person can transmit the spirt to them just by that and it’s for that reason he thought it was my fault that he didn’t feel the spirt because he felt that it was my responsivity to transfer the spirt to him...I have always felt that it really doesn’t matter what you say especially if its pure knowledge but that you say it with enough humility even if it’s just simple words like I know this is true and with feelings and  love that the spirit magnifies it and just puts it in the heart of the person and if they accept it the accept it and know it is true but if they reject it they do it by their own will. I’ll have to finish the story the next week because I don’t have time but I love you all 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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