Sunday, July 19, 2015

JUST KEEP CALM AND DO the divisions

Dear Family, 

So it sounds like you guys are going to be busy these couple of weeks.  Send me pictures ha-ha.
Sorry it took me so long to write we have been doing a lot of division and we haven’t had the chance to be able to write we are just traveling everywhere lately but it’s been good.  
There’s nothing better than being busy you feel more accomplished.  Well with the elder that I talked to he has changed dramatically and the district they are in is just setting the tone for everybody else. He ended up telling me thank you and that he had been waiting for something like that to happen and for someone to tell him what he needed. 

This week has been great for us we have been just finding people left and right we found a man named George who is from Belize.  Belize it’s above Guatemala but there they are all decedents from Africa and they speak English. Well George had been going to church for a long time but never got baptized because he wasn’t married to his wife and they couldn’t do it because she was married to another but  apparently the other guy died so they can now get married and baptized so we are working with them now. 
We also are teaching a family that are deaf so I’m learning sign language right now ha-ha. It’s been really interesting teaching them for their disability but it has reminded me and taught me that it’s not the words that make people believe it’s the spirt testifying through us that it is true we just simply have said that we love them and god loves them and that were here to teach truths and for them to receive the confirmation that these truths are from god. I have been learning that we are here really just to remind people of the truths they have already learned. Because we learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ and of the plan of salvation before we even came here it’s for that reason that when people hear the gospel for the first time it sounds familiar to them. 
We also went to the temple this week probably the last time I will go but it was really good I learned a lot a lot a lot something we have to always remind ourselves is that God’s language is by symbols that’s how he reveals and how he hides things and you just learn all over the place when you look and try and receive its great. 

To answer dad on the questions about assignments... something all say and others I won’t till I get back but if I learned one thing in my mission is who I am serving I love the poem by Meade McGuire master where shall I go today? My love flowed warm and free. He pointed out a tiny spot and said ¨Tend that for me'. I answered quickly oh no, not there not anyone could see no matter how well my work was done; Not that little spot for me. When he spake he was not stern but answered me tenderly ' Little one, search that heart of thine; are you working for them or for me? Nazareth was a little place and so was Galilee.  
At some point in the day you have to ask yourself that penetrating question.  Am I working for him or for them? Who am I working for? At first I did feel bad because I knew  more than once what was going to happen  and every time it changed for some little thing and I felt that I’ve done everything I could have done that I should have done that I possibly could have done  why can’t I do this? I felt that if I wouldn’t get to that spot I wouldn’t amount to anything. But I have learned that he is the gardener here and he will get me to where he wants me to go I’ve been studying my blessing and it talks a lot about just submitting myself ALOT. But through that I become even more. and it has been a great experience that I have had here in el frutal I’ve learned a lot here in my time and there really is nothing better than have one on one experiences  helping missionaries and embalmers and people. But next week will be changes so we will see if I will be finishing here or maybe have one more surprise. 
But I love you all 
Elder Toma 
Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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