Sunday, April 20, 2014

That's when we see miracles

Dear Family, 

Well this week actually was a bit rough dang!! But it is what it is.  None of our baptisms went through either because they didn't pass there interviews or we couldn't find them or something!! But hopefully,  I am praying, that everyone can be baptized this Sunday.  But all of our investigators are doing well.  The family that you were talking about mom is familia Lopez Monson and they are awesome.  They will be baptized this Sunday.  They had a little bit of a problem with coffee but they're good now.  The problem is everyone here drinks and they eats tortillas.  You would be surprised how many say I can't go to church because I have to make tortillas.

Also everyone here has dreams and believes in dreams and one of our investigators that will be baptized this week had a dream where he saw the tree of life but he has never seen or heard about that.

This week there will be what is called Semana Santa or Holy week for the Catholics where they carry a statue of Jesus and Marry around the city and have crosses painted on their face and all that good stuff.

I will be having changes tomorrow with my companion and he will be leaving and I will be staying so that should be fun.  I have been to every change my whole mission haha. What's up with that?  But I  definitely learned a lot during this change and a lot about how to be better and to continue to improve and follow the rules and commandments with EXACTNESS.  There is a difference and at General conference almost all of the talks were about following the commandments and doing what you're supposed to. That's when we see the miracles.

It's a little weird that my mission president will be leaving in only two changes, maybe less than that.  I don't know how I feel about that.  He has definitely helped me more than I thought was possible. So next time I will be having a new companion and hopefully more baptisms.  I just feel so busy all the time is just craziness. But next time I will have a new companiero and hopefully more baptisms.  I love you.  The mission is the greatest!!!! and the more you learn the more you just love it all.

Love Elder Toma

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