Thursday, April 10, 2014

I absolutely LOVE GUATEMALA and the people!

Dear Family,

All is really well as always. It seems right now we are really busy.  We hopefully will end this change with more baptisms this week.  This change went by so fast! It's just craziness.   I feel like there is no time for anything ever!  Supposedly I will be working with my President this week so that should be exciting.  It's weird that he leaves in like 2 months.

We got to watch General Conference in the Stake Center and then later in our church and ALL of it was in Spanish!!!! But luckily I can understand it now.  YESSS!!! But at the Stake conference they also had a room for English which was much better. It definitely is better in English just I like to hear the actual voices of the speakers.  I really liked General Conference I don't know which was my favorite talk. I liked a lot of them.  A lot was about obedience. But I really liked Elder Holland's talk about Jesus Christ being a soft God or an Easy God and that's how people want him to be because nobody wants a God that demands much. I liked that a lot because that's how people are here.  They talk of Jesus like they know him but they know nothing about him;  that he is just all lovey dovey and forgiving and yeah that's all true, he taught with love but he also taught the truth that if your eye offends you pull it out that if you break my commandments after knowing me it's better that you never did.  If people really want to know God they have to keep his commandments (1 John 2:3-4) That he came here to make people better, that they can follow his path that is narrow and straight and not to say, "All is well is Zion!"  Because that is false and there's only one person that wants you to believe that.

Man we have had some headaches with some investigators.  One hermana we talked to for a long time.   She has a lot of problems and just trying to get her to realize how to fix them and that she doesn't want to get baptized right now and this and that . And another that just doesn't  want to do anything anymore so really just trying to listen to them and figure it out what they need. Back in the day when you had to serve a mission how did you teach was it all scripted or did you do it all yourselves?  

Ugh next week we will see what will happen with changes.

If I will leave or stay or get someone new or what

One of our baptisms went through this week which was just a miracle.  She has been talking to the missionaries for over a year including one of my companions. And my companion and I have only been talking to her for over a week.  But she was definitely ready. Her name is Karol and she is 23 years old. We have definitely been blessed.  We have had baptisms every single week

In answer to Conner's question:  I absolutely LOVE GUAEMALA and the people.  I have had over 15 baptisms by now.   I have also included some pictures of my apartment now.

Love you all!!

Elder Toma

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