Thursday, April 24, 2014

True conversion has always been and will forever be through the Spirit

Bunas Familia!!!

So much, it feels like has already happened.  I said goodbye to one of my companions  from Ecuador I was with in Santa Barbara.  He left for home  and I received a new companion from Ecuador ha-ha.  His name is Elder Martinez I find that my President likes to pair people that are opposites together most of the time. He has been in the mission for about 19 months so he's kind of old. But it was interesting my President wanted to talk to me and I had  a meeting with him after changes and he told me that he was praying for who could help this Elder to be better and more diligent and I guess my name came up ha-ha so he told me that this is why I am with him to help him to be a better leader.  Hopefully I have learned what those three Elders I had in the beginning really helped me know how to work and what to do in all situations so for now President wants me to help other Elders that are slacking that have had much time to be able to be leaders and grow.

But this week we had more baptisms!!! Two men.  One that has a story all his own that I will have to share someday. But also we had some hard times.  Familia Lopez isn't doing so well. The husband drank and I found him in the street drunk so I helped him home and his wife was crying (because she doesn't want him drinking and also that she was embarrassed that I found him like this) And that he doesn't want to really do anything anymore and the wife likes everything about the church but she believes that we only talk about Joseph Smith and nothing else and that's what holds her back that and she has been drinking coffee. And I remember sitting there very upset and not knowing what to do and I have been learning a lot this week about how it's not about what words you say, beauty or charisma or if you are a powerful teacher or not but what really gets them to listen and act and continue is the Spirit.  It's that simple.  Many missionaries have this problem that they have to teach amazingly when the secret is all they have to do is just bring the Spirit and it provides.  Yes we need to continue to get better with teaching and listening all that but their conversion isn't through the teaching or the words because there are many people that can speak pretty especially here like the pastors. But true conversion has always been and will  forever be through the Spirit because that is the teacher and testifier to the heart and there is nothing more powerful than that. And with them that is what I really have been trying to do and they are better now.  Our job is to teach yes but more to invite and challenge for them to act and receive for themselves. 

For Easter we did nothing.  The Catholics have their stuff that they do ha-ha its like nothing you have ever seen. MY care package did arrive thank you I already ate all of the Oreos ha-ha and most of the chocolate ha-ha.

 But I love you all hope everything is good.  Guatemala is the CRAZIEST place in the world but I absolutely love it!!!!!

Elder Toma

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