Friday, May 16, 2014

Time is flying in the mission. . .

Dear Family,

So for the past few days we have just been trying to work hard and really trying to find  new people to teach.  A lot of the people we have are just falling through so it's time for a update. But everything is good down here.  I think that the raining season is starting. It was weird to talk to you all. I think it's just becoming more and more awkward to speak in English as the time is passing haha.

With my companion, my president has asked me to help him a little bit and he isn't a bad companion we just had to talk it out and its all good now. I have my very last interview with my president tomorrow so that will be interesting.

Time is flying in the mission its weird that I will be having 8 months in the mission.

Were hoping to have some more baptisms this week of as family that I have been working on.  They are very special but  they want to go to the States to live but it's harder if they are married to do it but I have been working on the them to realize what's more of a priority right now and more eternally important.  I baptized one of their daughters awhile back but this week we hope to baptize the parents and one of the daughters that will be 8 this week. Oh I have also sent you a package mom with letters for you and also grandma may and grandma Toma so you will have to send those to them when you get it because it was just too expensive to send it all separately.

But Love You all!!!!

Elder Toma 

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