Friday, May 9, 2014

We found a lot of promising people with a lot of potential. . .

Dear Family well this week was good.   We went as a Zone to the city and the market. 

This  week has been good.  We have found a lot of promising people that have a lot of potential. This Sunday my companion contacted a guy on the bus and invited him to come to church and he actually came!  This Sunday was testimony Sunday and he got up and bore his testimony but the problem was he was a little tipsy haha.  My companion and I are going to go visit him this week because not to many drunks get up to bear their testimony of a church they have never heard of.

It sounds like you guys had fun on your trip.   It's weird that Kinzie leaves this Wednesday  . But wow  Braden has gotten big!  That's really weird to see.

UHG  this week was a little hard.   So my former companion  didn't pay for the water or lights or housing.    We didn't have water for like 3 days,  it left us with a lot of debt so that was a headache to deal with.   We had to buy water in jugs and heat it in the microwaves to shower.   But thank goodness everything is good now.

But also thanks for the advice just need to figure out how to use it now.   How did you demonstrated your charity dad?   What exactly did you do?  

But that's all for this week we are hoping to baptize family Lopez this week it's about time with them!

 Love Elder Toma

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