Sunday, May 25, 2014

Your mission president is called of God

Querido Familia,

All is good here.  I feel like every change just goes by faster and faster.  Its weird that we only have a week left and we might have changes who knows. It was funny reading McKinzie's letter.  It reminded me much of my experience and concerns in the CCM and how much that just changes when you actually go out in the mission and how much you change. 

Well I just know one thing that your mission President for sure is called of God.  I had my last interview with him this last week and he told me many things about myself that I don't think anybody else knows. But it is something I know will change my life forever. It also reminded me much of the talk Elder Cook gave us when he came here, how the Twelve Apostles choose where every missionary will go and for what reasons that they are specifically are there:

1. It's for your mission President and what he has to teach you
2. For the people of where you are serving and
3. For something that has to do your future.

And I know one of  the main reason I am here is for my mission president. He has helped me change and learn faster than I thought possible.

Are you getting my pictures?  Oh say thank you to familia Nanto for the food and letters.  I really enjoyed it! And it was very kind of them.  I have already eaten all of it haha.

We are hoping to finish off this change with these ultimate 5 baptisms this week so pray for us! We have changes the 28 of May but I don't know if we have changes or not.   I feel maybe.  I don't know our president is crazy sometimes haha.  

But that's all for now it's getting harder to write.  I don't know why,  maybe it's because time is just getting faster and faster.  My President couldn't believe that I already have 8 months in the mission. He told me that it's going by very fast with me and that time is precious. But that's all for now love you all


Elder Toma

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